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100 Who Give

100 Who Give was created as an opportunity for our community to come together to make a difference! There are four 100 Who Give events throughout the year. During these special occasions, the 100 Who Give committee invites you to stop by, reconnect with community, and donate $100 to nominate a local cause or nonprofit. Each $100 allows the donor to nominate a nonprofit to receive the events’ total donations. The nonprofit is selected by a first round of nominations, randomly selecting three nominated organizations, and then a vote by those present. You can become a partner of the 100 Who Give Giving Circle to make an impact all year long!


The Audit Committee works hand in hand with a contracted auditing firm.  This committee completes the request for proposal, reviews proposals, chooses an auditing firm, and works directly on the overall audit process. This includes financial statements and forms 990.


The Governance Committee ensures that the Board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate governance policy and development.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: (1) annual review of all policies, bylaws, and Board member job descriptions; (2) oversee annual Board member signing of conflict of interest and other relevant policies; (3) conduct annual Board self-assessment; (4) recommend relevant policies and procedures to the full Board. This Committee meets as required.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Committee serves to further the mission of the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico through giving circles, events, programs, and outreach. This committee will work to discuss the needs of the communities we serve and connect individuals, businesses, and organizations with the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico to further our work in strengthening communities. 


The Executive Committee (1) shall act on behalf of the Board of Directors in the management of the Foundation and shall take such action as is necessary for the daily operations of the Foundation; (2) shall review the budget, audit, employee related matters, investments progress, and IRS Form 990 presentation for the full Board of Directors; and (3) shall be responsible for monitoring the progress of all Standing Committees of the Foundation. CFSNM Bylaws, 6.1. The Executive Committee is composed of Board officers and may also have one or more at large members. This Committee meets monthly.

Finance and Investment

The Finance and Investment Committee plays a critical role in protecting and growing the Foundation’s endowment for the good of the community.  The Committee’s main responsibility is to oversee the Foundation’s financial operations and ensure the investment portfolio is managed prudently.  Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to: (1) review annual budgets prepared by staff that are consistent with the Foundation’s strategic plans; (2) review and approve budget changes; (3) report any financial irregularities, concerns, or opportunities to the full Board; (4) make financial recommendations to the full Board (e.g., establish reserve funds, lines of credit for a specified amount); (5) work with staff to develop financial reports that are accurate, timely, and meaningful to members of the full Board; (6) provide quarterly reports to the full Board; (7) review the investment manager’s performance quarterly and make appropriate recommendations; (8) project the Foundation’s financial requirements to the investment manager quarterly; and (9) oversee the annual audit process with staff. This Committee meets quarterly.


The Gala Committee is responsible for the design, planning, implementation, and oversight of the Gala, including budget and the maintenance of financial controls.  The committee is comprised of at least one Board member and one or more community members as assigned. This Committee meets as needed.


The Grants Committee diligently reviews all grant applications for the Foundation’s 5+ grant cycle. Committee members meet with nonprofit organizations to learn about their programs and determine funding priorities for the year based on the Foundations’s mission. This Committee is comprised of at least one Board member and other community members as assigned. This Committee meets as needed


Under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico (CFSNM), the Rainbow committee serves as a vehicle for people to make a lasting impact on the quality LGBTQIA+ life in our region. Supported by a base of individuals, families, businesses and organizations with the desire to improve Southern New Mexico through CFSNM, we award grants to organizations that serve the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition, we award scholarships to LGBTQIA+ students at higher education institutions. We are seeking to establish an endowment fund to support this work now and in the future. With the goal of improving quality of life we award funds in the following categories: arts and humanities, improving mental and physical health, encouraging self-awareness, recreation and addressing youth and elderly needs in the twelve counties we serve, Catron, Chaves, Doña Ana, Eddy, Grant, Hidalgo, Lea, Lincoln, Luna, Otero, Sierra, and Socorro. 


The Scholarship Committee diligently reviews all applications received for over 35 scholarship endowments.  This committee makes all scholarship recipient selections based on agreement criteria, adhering to IRS, National Standards, and Foundation policies.  This Committee is comprised of at least one Board member and other community members as assigned. This Committee meets as needed.

Gregory Estate Planning Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is responsible for the design, implementation, and oversight of the Estate Planning Institute, including budget and the maintenance of financial controls. The Committee is comprised of at least one Board member and other community members as assigned. This Committee meets as needed.


The Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying, cultivating, and screening new Board members. The Committee should consider candidates with relevant skills and personal experiences who will represent the broad interests of the public, including persons who have special knowledge or expertise in a field or discipline in which the Foundation is actively involved, community leaders and other persons representing a broad cross section of views and interests, and the population of the area served by the Foundation. A goal of the Nominating Committee is to achieve diversity in ethnicity, and gender on the Board of Directors. This Committee meets as required.

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