Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico’s mission is to serve as a community resource, to connect donors to needs, and to support charitable organizations in their work.  This mission envisions connecting our community to the resources that it needs to thrive.  In doing so, the CFSNM partners with non-profit partners to support their work in our community.  We acknowledge that having varied perspectives helps generate better ideas, allowing philanthropic efforts to have a greater impact.

In its non-profit partnerships, scholarship recipients, grantees, donors and in its work in our community, the CFSNM commits to the following core principles:

To appreciate the worth and dignity of all individuals.

To understand that each person contributes unique perspective and experience, enhancing our efforts throughout
the community.

To encourage an inclusive environment that promotes individual expression, creativity, innovation and achievement.
To invite honest and open discourse on the issues of equity, inclusion and diversity.

To develop within our own organization, at our staff, management, volunteers, committees and board levels,
a spirit and discipline that advances equity, diversity and inclusion.

To nurture an open and welcoming environment.

To promote the dismantling of structural and cultural barriers to individual achievement.

To make decisions based on our mission and vision that allow our communities the chance to thrive.

To advance public policies and practices consistent with these commitments.

Statement of being non-partisan and will refrain from granting organizations that are overtly religious or political. 
We do not want to be polarizing. Needs to be middle of the road. 




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