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Donor Advised Funds – For individuals and families seeking active involvement in philanthropy, Donor Advised Funds create a working partnership with the Community Foundation. Through your Donor Advised Fund, you can make specific recommendations for grants to nonprofit organizations in writing, over the phone, or electronically. While there is no requirement to recommend grants by year-end, you will be able to take a charitable income tax deduction for the full value of your contribution for the year in which you made a contribution to your fund.


Field of Interest Endowments – Donors specify a broad area of concern or geographic location and the Foundation awards grants to programs or agencies within those parameters.


Designated Endowments – Donors identify one or more eligible nonprofit organizations to receive annual support. These funds benefit distinct organizations or programs.


Scholarship Endowments – Individuals, families, companies and organizations establish these funds to allow students to pursue academic goals. Donors can designate any level of education from preschool to postgraduate work.
Unrestricted Endowments – No restrictions are placed on how these funds are used, allowing the Foundation’s Board of Directors to make grants to diverse and changing community needs.

We would be pleased to discuss these means of giving with you. Please contact our team at for more information.

Build A Campaign Together.

Help us sustain a pillar of our community and save a building we all love and cherish.

Build A CampaignTogether.

Help us sustain a pillar of our community and save a building we all love and cherish.

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